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Medicinal rotary tablet machine national standard Validation metting.
June 27, 2013 - June 29, 2012 "rotary tablet machine" national standard meeting was held in Shanghai, The purpose of the audit, Currently tableting machine only have the industry standard and no national standards, So for medicinal rotary tablet machine to develop national standards.
Validation committee composed of; China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association、National Pharmaceutical Machinery Standardization Technical Committee、China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association Expert Committee, will set up a group of experts to examine, as well as mechanisms for national medical equipment medicine Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, more than 30 pharmaceutical machinery factories, medical Junior college,Institute, pill making factories, etc. Tianfan Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory  is also a member of the National Standards Validation committee.
Validation content; Prepared in accordance with the GB "rotary tablet machine" content; Sentence by sentence, line by line audit preparation.
During the audit expert group made ​​a lot of standard views and opinions to the context.including other members were also relatively raised many objections, finally the standard context reach a consensus according all opinions.
Currently, the standard had re-modified and handed National Pharmaceutical Machinery Standards Technical Committee finalized. will be promulgated after adoption.
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