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Tablet Press Punch
Tablet Press Punch
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The is using the newest CAD/CAM techologies and advanced heat treatment technology and scientific measuring means to made various kinds of punches and dies with high graded alloy steel dedicated for tools. With dozens of years of experiences, we can make all kinds of punches and dies such as round, irregular, shallow concave, deep concave, bevel edged, detachable, single tipped, multi tipped, chrome plated or carbide ones. The punches and dies produced by this company can math various kinds of equipment, including imported ones.

Main Technical Specifications

Type of P/D Application Standard reference
International standard P/D GZPK100 serise high speed rotary tablet press, GZPK3000 series high speed rotary tablet press,ZP1000 series high speed rotary tablet press, KORCH, FETTE, HORN, MANESTY, STOCHK, KIKUSUI and HATA Press IPT EU
Normal P/D for ZP ZP19 rotary tablet press, ZP33 rotary tablet press, ZP33B rotary tablet press, ZP35 rotary tablet press, ZP35A rotary tablet press, ZP35B rotary tablet press GB 12253-90
P/D for battery Press HATA-FXSI positive pole ring former, DZJR6-1000-1 positive pole ring former  
Press oriented P/D TDP single station press, THP flower basket press, ZPW21 rotary tablet press, ZPW21A rotary tablet press, ZP15 rotary tablet press, ZPY15 rotary tablet press, ZP25 rotary tablet press, ZPW23 rotary tablet press, ZPD25 multifunctional rotary tablet press  

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